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Kevin Moranz is a guest on Over The Bars

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#47 - Da Boyz are back in town

Dec 8, 2018186 minutes

Kevin is home with a hurt leg after a supercross training getoff, Nick is fresh off some R&R after getting married, Scott had MRI numero dos, Mike is now an announcer for KFKF Country 94.1 FM, and Jeff is post-RFGP. It's great to get five guys together and sit around without distraction to talk about dirt bikes for three hours, and you get to hear us do it.

Thanks to our sponsors, Donnell's Motorcycles, KMCS Kansasmx.com, Bar2BarMX in Wichita, and shoutout to Sicwicks.com candles- a great stocking stuffer for the whole family.

#33 - Tony Wenck and Kevin Moranz

Mar 12, 2018174 minutes


#24 - Kevin Moranz

Nov 15, 201782 minutes

Kevin comes in to shoot the breeze.

#20 - Scott Gebken, Kevin Moranz, Bruce Richardson

Oct 5, 201792 minutes

Jeff chats with Gebken, Moranz, and Richardson

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