#63 - Air Alex Malott

Oct 29, 2019137 minutes

Air Alex comes in hot with 5 championships between MoState and Best Of Midwest series and we catch up before he goes to California to add a 6th title! Thanks to Donnell's, KMCS, Bar2Bar, Fox, LapKing.

#62 - Doug soap

Oct 19, 201954 minutes

Jeff riffs for a while.

Winners Find Ways - Chasing the dream.

Oct 15, 201937 minutes

Scott goes solo.

#61 - LapKing releases their latest update

Oct 3, 201934 minutes

Vince and JC come on to talk shop

#60 - Jbob's update

Sep 30, 201941 minutes

40 minutes of stuff

Winners Find Ways - What to do on practice day.

Sep 17, 201920 minutes

Innovative MX

#59 - Mike and Jeff chattin

Sep 15, 2019109 minutes

About the good times and the future

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