#65 - Jeff talks about Costa Rica

Mar 10, 202079 minutes

I give a summary about how my ride in Costa Rica went with my dad. Thanks to our sponsors new and old. Donnells Motorcycles, Bar2BarMX, MOVMX Championship, Keaton Fahnholz Real Estate, UFO, PJ1, Lapking, Fox, KMCS, Rippinruts, Boomrc, Innovative MX and of course to listeners like you. I think I said it a few times during the podcast how excited I am about the future of OTB and where I plan to take the show and network. Regular creation of good content will be at the forefront of the show's agenda, so you'll have more to listen to more often. It has been a weird time in recent months- but the future is bright for OTB. THANKS for listenting.

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